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You may want to avoid the easy ones, the hardest to hit for right-handed is bottom right, try it. Reverse the two for left-handed mouse users. What could be easier or quicker than moving your mouse to the corner of the screen. I have been doing this for 5 years without any problems. Examples of use: keep someone out of your work. Stop productivity-eating visits to social applications. In this case a simple one-trick pony worked best for me: try LockTight free. LockTight give a system preferences pane where you can set a hotkey for locking the desktop.

"Fast-user switching" VERY slow (> 1 min) on Sierra

Sizzling Keys has an option to create a keyboard shortcut to start up the screen saver, which works better then a screen corner or apple script. Set the screen saver to lock when the screen saver starts then pick a corner to start the screen saver when the mouse is parked there. No third-party scripts, no extra clicking, just move the mouse to the correct corner. I have hot corners enabled in the Screen Saver Pref. Point the mouse in the corner of the screen and poof: screensaver activated with password protection.

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I use the Locker widget from apples website, it works just like windows switch user button. Hope that helps! I use the Keychain Access method. Gives a nice little lock icon in the menu bar where I can lock the screen :. As gruhlke said, start Keychain Access. It gives you the ability to place an icon in the menu bar which do this yob as well without downloading anything… Please excuse my simple english….

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You'll need to get it from your Snow Leopard installation if, in fact, it's called with this. There were some users having trouble to set this up. The common mistake was to set the Description field to "User Login". It needs to be the "Kind" field. My error.

If there are still problems discussion can be made there.

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Lost your password? Powered by the Parse. I have been using this hint until it broke in Lion. See the last comment in that hint. Your account password is stored in plain text, just as in the original hint.

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Also, this comes with the usual use at your own risk and I am not responsible if your computer explodes warnings. The following comments are owned by whoever posted them. This site is not responsible for what they say. This script will do the job while keeping the other user's password stored safely in the keychain. Follow the instructions in the comments at the beginning to set it up properly. The script uses the security command line tool, not Keychain Scripting. I see that I did forget to change that in the instructional commits, though.

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That's why I brought it up. I'm getting this error I'm on Invalid Index. I had some problems with the script using