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But where are the three magic buttons on a Mac?

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Turns out they are there—three magic buttons just like Windows. Pro Tip: You can close multiple apps at once. To select a range of apps hold shift and click the starting and ending apps in the list. To select individual apps, hold command and select the apps you want to close.

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Of course Windows also lets you view running processes in the Task Manager. What about Mac? Because Mac is Unix-based you could fire up the Terminal app.

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Activity Monitor is a fantastic tool. You can view which processes are taking up the most memory, the most processing power, and even the most energy. You can also view disk and network statistics.

Alternatives to Ctrl + Alt + Del on Mac Computers

The bottom of the window even provides a visual representation of the numbers. If you ever hear your fan running faster than normal—or notice lag within your apps—Activity Monitor can help you identify which apps are hogging resources; and, even shut them down as needed.

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Just remember to be careful when closing processes and applications. Click the headings to sort processes. Just select the process you want to end and click that force quit icon. Many people think Ctrl-Alt-Delete started with Windows. I got this to work by pressing keys in the exact order: Hope that helps clarify. Thanks for posting and replying, everyone!

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Apr 4, 6: Pressing it in any order doesn't work either. Or any other combination of keys. I'm using a native windows machine does not have OS X and is not an apple computer. Drivers, such as bootcamp or otherwise, will work once the user is logged in. But once the user logs out or the screensaver login kicks in, the drivers appear to be disabled. Apr 10, Sorry to say, but I don't think you can do what you want with the wireless keyboard.

Apr 30, 7: Easiest way is to locate task manager see above location and create a shortcut on your desktop. Right click and Select Create Shortcut - then drag it to the desktop.

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I am happy to get rid of the oversized keyboards sold by PC vendors for a small form factor such as Apple's wireless keyboard. Apr 30, 8: How does making a desktop shortcut to the taskmgr program help with logging in? At the log in screen, you do not have access to your desktop.

Apr 30, If you are using a Mac type computer or laptop - the drivers will be install through BootCamp and updated by using Boot Camp in PC mode. I'm testing the keyboard native on my Toshiba and I see there is a problem after sleep that the laptop does not recognize the keyboard and there is no way to use a password if required.

That is a Driver issue and I will try to find the keyboard driver for windows and repost. It seems the keyboard only remembers one device at a time and that is the very first Paired computer used when you set up your keyboard. If you set up the keyboard with a Mac, iPad, or another PC - then you must first disconnect UnPair the keyboard from the first device and then delete the device from the current computer you are using.

The keyboard can be used with many devices temporarily this is your case , it can only be used with one device as a permanently.

Now start over and connect device Pair in windows using Custom rather than Express - type in the "key" provided by windows and create a shortcut on your desktop for later and that should do it. I did notice that after restart, windows takes a few moments to switch on Bluetooth before it's ready to allow the keyboard to be used during "Password Login"- tap a key on the keyboard wait about 5 to That's it. May 25, 6: Excellent, good answer.

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You solved my trouble. I have only one note: I'm running Windows 7 64 bit, but the right link requires system32, not system Jun 2, 3: Just found a great work around. Jun 12, 6: This solution does not solve the original poster's problem nor mine. The bluetooth keyboard is paired to only one computer, namely a native windows machine and not a mac running windows with bootcamp.

While logged into a windows account, the bluetooth keyboard works wonderfully. It is only when the user is logged out and a login is required that problems occur.