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You can use a memory editor to hack your lifetime points easily. I use this one: Click the top left button in Cheat Engine and select TS3. Click First Scan and wait until the scan completes. When the scan completes, go back into Sims 3, unpause and get your lifetime points up a little. Pause again and make a note of your new lifetime points. Repeat steps 4, 5, and 6, using the new value of your lifetime points each time. After scans, you will get a very short list of memory addresses probably One of these is where your happiness points are stored, and you can directly edit it using this program.

On my computer, the proper addresses always end with "C", but it may be different for you. It's trial and error now. Double click an address and it'll go into the bottom part of the window, where you can edit its value by double-clicking. Do this, then go back into Sims 3 and see if your lifetime points changed make sure your mood is high enough that you're gaining points.

Unlimited Lifetime Reward Points!!!!!!!! cheats for The Sims 3

If it didn't change, try another one of your results. Once you find it, change it to ,, which will allow you to purchase all the lifetime rewards.

Something that's more widely used is not necessareily better. No thanks, I'll earn my godliness. With the mods and hacks, I don't want 90 million points. Has anyone found a way to get intervals of a thousand or five thousand points? With that click thing, neither ctrl nor shift work. I clicked everywhere. Are you making it up? Actually, what the one guy said is very true. Very, very handy as collecting scrap takes time and you get much more bang for your buck. With Master Inventor many inventions can be made completely free, out of thin air, and still more for a single unit of scrap.

Engaging Lifetime Happiness Points: Entrepreneurial Mindset Lifetime Happiness Points: It's not as handy as you might think. Your points are probably better spent elsewhere, unless you want a Sim who will gradually cycle through multiple professions.

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After all, there is no shortage in job experience out in the world. Why not save up for something better instead? Excellent Groupie Lifetime Happiness Points: If you invite Sims out, they expect you to bring them along for a good time. This lifetime reward will improve their perception of the outing.

Extra Creative Lifetime Happiness Points: It boosts the quality and value of any paintings created by your Sims. A great reward for this specific profession and hobbyists. Once you get it out and hang it on a wall inside the home, your Sims will get the opportunity to meditate in front of it. Eye Candy Lifetime Happiness Points: The primary application will be for multi-Sim households as they can bestow this to other members of the family. It doesn't work for the Sim with the reward, so singles will find limited use.

However, it should be helpful in social situations as Sims you're interacting with need to be in a receptive mood at times and this boost can help.

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Fast Learner Lifetime Happiness Points: This is awesome for a Sim that you want to have in the neighborhood that has a mastery level in every skill. Best taken before you've gained too many skill levels. Fast Metabolism Lifetime Happiness Points: This will help them to achieve the desired shape faster.

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  • It doesn't help you to avoid gaining weight exactly, but your Sims can work out and get back into shape more swiftly if they do. My Sims never gain weight. They only eat when hungry! Fearless Voyager Lifetime Happiness Points: Since this visit takes 12 hours of your Sim's time, making them perform better shows while away is wise if you are into using this feature. Festival Frequenter Lifetime Happiness Points: It also gives a discount on activities like face painting and the tanning booth.

    Fertility Treatment Lifetime Happiness Points: It will boost the odds that your female Sims get pregnant when using WooHoo. Additionally, your Sims will be more likely to have twins or triplets. So, if you want to experience two or three babies at once in the game, this is the easiest way to accomplish that. Fireproof Homestead Lifetime Happiness Points: It could be helpful if you had a really high level inventor Sim, or a Sim who loved making metal sculptures, but for the high cost most others won't want it.

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    May be good for legacies with beautiful mansions and forgetful or inept Sims burning food. Flying Vacuum Lifetime Happiness Points: It's second only to the Teleporter Pad for getting your Sims around town, providing nearly the speed of the most expensive cars. This is a smart early purchase if your Sim is traveling around a lot, as it'll get them there faster and save you time.

    Food Replicator Lifetime Happiness Points: It gives you an appliance that can be placed somewhere in the home. How to use the Food Replicator: Have your Sim cook a meal , maybe even their favorite food. Perfect quality food is recommended. Place the meal on the replicator and then select the meal and choose 'store food'. This will place the meal in the replicator's memory. The quality of the meal is kept in memory, so perfect waffles will always replicate perfect waffles.

    Using the tinker option on the replicator can allow handy Sims to upgrade the memory of the replicator. With this upgrade, my Sim could store twenty group meals at once in the replicator. In conjunction with the Hardly Hungry lifetime reward, the replicator can very much help to reduce the time Sims spend preparing food.

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    • Friend of the Kraken Lifetime Happiness Points: First, it removes the odds of Kraken attack, which are already quite low - only Sims that choose to fish in the Ocean will be likely to be attacked. The reason for this is that this is one of the only times a Sim's boat will be idle for a long time, which is the only time the Kraken has a chance to attack you.

      Any time your Sim's boat is idle 30 minutes the chance of a Kraken attack starts building up. In stormy seas, this gets worse, and Sims that are parked near hidden islands will find it increases as well. Being the Kraken's Friend also lets you unleash it upon any boats you see in the Ocean, which does not kill Sims, but merely trashes their boat.

      I would only recommend you get this Lifetime Reward if you are living in Isla Paradiso and using the sailbot or rowboat to fish, and doing so often. The Friend of the Kraken ability has a cooldown, thus you may only summon the Kraken once every 12 hours.

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      Future Sim Lifetime Happiness Points: You need to go into the phone's settings to change the default to Holo Phone if you want to keep it that way. On release, this is a bit glitchy and sometimes reverts back to a normal phone for some users. This is a way to get your present-day Sim the new phone, while any Sims conceived while in the Future will be born with it as a hidden trait. Overall, most people find this phone to be lacking in features, so the reward is not really worth 10k LTHP.

      Haggler Lifetime Happiness Points: Books will be cheaper also. The benefit here is negligible despite this, because honestly, none of my Sims has had a hard time making so much money it just didn't matter any more. Hardly Hungry Lifetime Happiness Points: This can save a lot of time, because every Sim needs to eat at least once a day.

      Hotel Mogul Lifetime Happiness Points: This is an incredible boost, one of the best in the game, and will raise your passive income from resorts, potentially making your Sims filthy rich. You can read the linked Guide to learn all about managing resorts, from setting it up for guests, to hiring your employees. With this reward, you're almost guaranteed success. Remember, if you see few Sims it could be because your PC is slow - look to the actual revenue and visitor figures to see how many guests are staying.

      No one will ever see Sims on the lot, but you can have many, many invisible Sims staying at one time at your Resort. Hover Bed Lifetime Happiness Points: This won't do any better at getting your Sim going than any high dollar bed, but it is the coolest looking by far. The Hustler Lifetime Happiness Points: Take this with the Lucky trait and they'll likely always win. Immortal Lifetime Happiness Points: Purchasing it will prevent your Vampire from getting the heavy negative moodlets that come from being outside during the day.

      In addition to this permanent sunscreen, it also makes the Vampire glitter.